Now, when it is said around the world, I asked Marianne, Poly, Eleo, and Donna about the word at home.

Marianne at Home

Marianne Harberg has a ceramic plate titled at home.

"There is a mirror inherited in my house for the fourth generation of parents and children. Now I'm in my house and I'm hanging toward the kitchen, so the kitchen is always reflected in the mirror. I liked the mirror since I was a child. It's a mirror that has been showing my family and my life. So I thought I had to make the scenery of the mirror a work. It's an old mirror. "(What Marianne talked about in Skype's chat)

It's a very interesting time now. A completely different, completely new topic is lifting. And we will see how it ends. What do you think? I really like spending time at home. Cook, refresh, clean, create a cozy, wonderful peaceful space, and sleep. This is what we do every day without thinking. But this gives a structure to your daily life. What a great thing about having a safe house! Thank you, home! Recently, I made a new vase and bought one tulip. That's why I feel very cheap. (From an email from Marianne)

At Home of Paully Farn

IaI'll send you a photo when you think about T Homehey。 This is one day last summer, Mom's housein the garden,dog(Member of the familyofHoipet dog!)It's a photo picking the flowers with you.This is my at home!my lifeAllBe clogged, Your favorite place(From an email from Poly)

 * Addition from tonkachi

Paulie is now leaving her parents' house, but she still says "house" in her.It seems to be.I live with my parents' house about 10 minutes by carbut,Even so close, I can't go to see her parents due to the influence of Coronathat's right

At Home of Eleonor Bostrom


I love being at home!Even in such a difficult time to be forced to restrain your life.Today is at HomeMeHere are three things that will make you happy!


The first book!I just finished reading a book called "Mouse" by Art Spiegerman. The "Roll Model" by John Waters was also interesting. I like his movie, but a little strangeI feel likeSame as a book.


The second is bread makingNow I make it once every two days, so cinnamon rolls and bagelsandThe refrigeratorBread bread。 The time to knead clay in the studio is limited, so knead the doughInsteadNanaI was


The third is exerciseMy daymorning'sStart with a walkof。 Find an alley that you have never been toIn a non -houseSee the dog secretly (cats), and at the end of the day. yogaOnI'm really addicted。 (From an email from Eleonol)

At Home at Donna Wilson


At Home for me means a place of heart.


That is, everything you love exists in the same place. Children, partner John, beloved garden, and works that give me happiness.


My at home is full of imagination. It is a place like a source of my creativity, where various works are found.


In the morning, I always water the flowers in the garden with a tea cup in one hand. This moment is the quietest time in the day. That's why my day begins.


At Home is my place of love. (From the email from Donna)

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