Tonkachi X Miffy 65


"Our Miffy" made by Tonkachi


"Miffy exhibition commemorating the 65th anniversary of birth". Tonkachi is participating in this product production.


Miffy is a character that appears in Dick Bruna's picture book work, a picture book author and graphic designer. There were various thoughts about this work, and it was just a dream -like incident that we were able to be involved in product production. please think about it! How many fears are related to design, simple but knowing the difficulty of design that attracts people! This time, we made eco -bags, trays, and stationery.


In addition to the illustrations that are the exhibited works, we also incorporated the illustration choice unique to the exhibition that can touch Bruna works as a result of the product, and designed the product. I felt like I was on a journey, following the 65 -year trajectory, when Bruna walked with Miffy. With the heart -filled love, I made a respect to Bruna who always leads us!


65th anniversary Miffy exhibition


The "65th anniversary Miffy exhibition" will be toured nationwide, starting with the opening of the Matsuya Ginza venue in Tokyo in July 2020. * The Ginza venue in Tokyo has ended.

The first patrol venue will be held from August 12, 2020 (Wednesday) to August 24 (Monday) at the Daimaru Kobe store on the 9th floor of Daimaru Museum . Miffy Exhibition Official Website


 Illustrations Dick Bruna © Copyright Mercis BV, 1953-2020