Marianne, who celebrated her birthday on October 6, first asked how to spend her birthday.

She is too strict about her, but she's a good idea for her birthday. Because she thinks she has done well for a year. Her birthday is amazing all day! I'm not great! I'm praised. It has been a few years ago. Basically, I spend my birthday alone. After that, ask friends, family, and workshops to celebrate. It's not bad to be alone, it's very good. Oh yeah, I brought a lot of firewood this year.

We wanted to make Marianne's work in Japan. If you can mass -produce to some extent in Japan, you can achieve a price that is easy to buy in terms of price. That way, you can deliver Marianne's work to more people. I don't know what will happen because I delivered it, but I don't know unless I deliver it first. With that in mind, I have been trying and error all the time. However, her work is a work like handmaking, so it was difficult to mass -produce, and it was even more difficult to make it without killing its goodness. It took a long time, but thanks to the settlement of Seto -yaki, she finally rowed her five major works in Japan. This time, I will introduce the five works born in Seto ware in her words.

Perfume bottle kabin

At one point, I was addicted to perfume, especially my favorite perfume. It was discontinued, but I couldn't forget it and made it a vase. I liked the scent of pachuli that inhabits India. A masculine scent that feels tropical. But now I don't have much perfume.

Dog Kabin who became a puppy

There was a dog for the person who was doing a workshop together. At the age of five, his throat was clogged in his throat, and his surgery died. The owner is still repaid the surgical cost at that time. It was a dog loved by everyone. I still remember. I want to give it to the owner if this vase is created.

Water bottle kabin

This bottle is very nostalgic. When I was a child, I had no plastic bottles, and all juice and drinks were in a glass bottle. The bottle had various drinks, and it was shining a lot. The bottle itself was beautiful and I had a dream. This bottle is the most favorite form. It's a bottle of memories for me. You may like this the most in your work.

Mesh cup and check cup

This cup is one of the longest ones. I've tried a lot, but I settled down to this size and shape. This is the result of pursuing a cup for me. The large mesh cup is just right for drinking morning coffee, and the small check cup is just right for tea in the afternoon. It's no good whether it's bigger or smaller than this.
Marianne hallberg