How to make her picture book

 To Victoria Thorn

With love

 To make a 32 -page picture book, bring your favorite book and count the pages. Counting repeatedly many times. The number of pages of the book is 8, preferably 16, and if possible. If you want to make a book on page 24, you can add 8 pages and look back (the back side is the cover and the first page, the back cover and the last page).

Also put the front page in the calculation. You can increase the number of pages or reduce it, but in order to bring your book to bring energy, you have to use it.

The work of assembling a book page and the work of dividing the text into the page are very important. What you write is that you don't know but want to know. If the author wrestles, loses, and is saved by some miracle when you lose all hope, it is boring to read it.

Once you have a textbook, read it over and over again, and make a rough place. Let's recite to yourself in front of the mirror.

The book must be separated from yourself. You are giving power to help books.


The book must go out to the world.


Please give it a good idea. Assembling a book page is a difficult task.


Don't put a picture until the text is divided into the page. Even if there is no picture, the book must talk about things.


Your book has just one of this. It is your duty to find it.


What do the characters look? The paper in front of you is the world where the characters live. The characters talk to them. The words you say is what they think. The hearts of the characters are stored there.


Why do children like childish things like that? Don't teach your child how to become a child. Children want to be adults. Out your hand on something that is far beyond you, and put it on the children. You will not be noticed clearly, but it can be felt.


Forget when you finish writing the book. I don't want to be known as the author. The next book will be more difficult, and that will continue. If you follow the past success, you can't grow.