Wine and GREECE Wine and Greece


Sit in the garden at dusk in summer

Sometimes, alone

Sometimes with friends

Sometimes with my family

A little good dinner



Spend a day in the sea

In the sunset

With one cup of wine

I know who I'm



Greek picture

Room where you can see the sea

Relieves the heat

Thick coated white wall

Relax me




People who speak in some words

All duty, goodbye

1 cup of cold wine

If you stop thinking

I know who I'm



[About this picture]


This picture is Greece in 1978.

Here, Yotivoli (the Swedish area where Marianne lives) is minus 11 degrees.

There is a sunlight, but since there is no wind, I go out in the sun.


From Marianne



[From tonkachi]


I released a wine using Marianne's art, so please write about some wine, Mari

When I requested Anne, this was sent.

Marianne hallberg