My heart is Scotland


I've spent half of my life in London, but I'm not Londonner (London), my heart is in Scotland.


I grew up on a farm, so both me and the work are greatly influenced by nature.


I always stayed with nature, so I want to let my child do so.


I climbed a lot of hills this year.


When you arrive on the hill, how wonderful it is to see the scenery that spreads far away.



I want to make a new blanket using Scottish wool this year.


The name is from my favorite Beatles "Here Comes the Sun".


I wanted to make something reminiscent of something refreshing winter day, winter sun.


It's still at the stage of the concept, but I wonder if the gradation color is good.

I like factory


I love visiting the factory.


Looking at the production process, I want to feel the skills and quickness of the craftsman.


Then, when I felt the flow of time, humanity imagined that humanity invented new technologies and evolved the process more and more.


From where I grew up, there was a textile factory to make tartan in just 5 miles. I went to visit with my father.


His father often talked about the times when all residents in the town were hired by this factory.


Now the Scottish traditional industry is quite painful, but I think people love the locals and love the industry as in the past.

Donna wilson