"Humbed Kabin" is
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The latest collaboration between Marianne Harberg and Seto -yaki is the latest work. This vase in the shape of a bag is "travel" and "gift". It is such a delusion and mysterious vase that I hear that if I make a single flower in "Hub Kabin", I will always fly.

In "Hubkabin", flowers move, travel, freedom moves, and heart moves. You can hear Marianne's voice that fun and beautiful things should run around the world.

About Seto ware

Traditional "Seto ware", which produces Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, has long been used in people's lives and has been incorporated into various vessels and pottery. As it has been exported abroad, it is widely known as a typical traditional crafts that send the appeal of "MADE IN JAPAN" to the world. It is a versatile pottery that can chew any style and blend into the intention of the creator because it can incorporate many techniques and patterns from simple folk crafts to expensive and difficult dyes. Regardless of Japanese tableware or Western tableware, the design is swallowed in any form and finished in a friendly pottery. Marianne's partner in Japan is one of the potters that represents Seto -yaki, which has continued since the Taisho era.


Marianne's specialty plane tasteCeramic plate"Hubkabin" was born based on. While leaving the goodness of Marianne as much as possible, it was completed by repeatedly adjusted with skilled craftsmen. Don't limit the usage as a "vase", just put it there, and enjoy it with such an image that the mysterious world of Marianne will be smelled. Includes special foil stamping package. To that person who can understand the mysterious scent, how about such a gift?

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Until "Hubbin" is made

The Marianne's Seto ware series is handled by a pottery in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, which has been in the Taisho era, under the supervision of Marianne. I repeated trial and error with the aim of reproducing "fluctuations" by handmade, handmade, her characteristic style, and the unique "organic feeling" that comes from it, and "freedom air that lasts forever."


[From an interviewer interview]

The handle of the bag is very delicate, so distortion is likely to occur during molding, and the type has been improved. In addition, the skirts were performed by hand, so advanced technology was required, and even skilled craftsmen practiced many times. The process of applying glaze (Yuyaku) was difficult, and after trial and error, we succeeded in making dedicated tools and finished in a complex shape.


SETO series

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