Notice about books

To the readers

You can order tonkachi books at bookstores nationwide. Please contact your local bookstore. If you are looking for it, you can find a book name and ISBN code (13 digit number).
If there is no stock at the store, you can order. In that case, please give a word to the bookstore clerk, "Please order for the transsex view." It can be delivered in 2-5 days via the transsex. (We will also deliver a bookstore without a transaction and a transaction.)

To all bookstore clerks

Tonkachi's books will be delivered by hand view. When ordering, please call or fax below.

TEL: 03-3664-7333/03-3664-7334
Order-only fax: 0120-999-968
Transbiew Co., Ltd.:

The direct transaction conditions are the same as the transbuted product (returned at any time). In the case of the next route, it will be via Yagi Shoten (no purchase or return). We will contact you when ordering from a store that does not have a transaction with the transsex view. Please feel free to order from one book.

▼ You can download the order form here. ( * Not available to the general public.)
→ M.B. Goffstein "Goldie The Dollmaker (Goldy Doll -making Goldy)"
→ M.B. Goffstein "Real We" Order
→ Eleonol Bost Rom "I and Inuna -kun of Eleonol"
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