Meet in the spring,
There are two Marianne.

A work by Marianne Harberg, where the unique style and cool humor coexist with a flat surface. In fact, did you know that her mysterious work has two faces? One is the "original" created by her in a workshop in Sweden. The other is "Japan" produced in Japan under the supervision of her. These two are not just handmade products and mass -produced products. "Japan" is a type based on the writer's "Original", but has many manual processes, and the hands of Marianne and Japanese craftsmen are made to overlap. "Original" and "Japan", the souls are in the same heat.

Marianne's 5 major works,
Released at the Seto ware collaboration.

Marianne's work is a collection of elements unique to handmade, such as hand -painted lines, ultra -thin molding and distortion. Therefore, it was said that mass production was difficult. However, due to the fact that the writer's handmade is a small number, there is a problem that the number of people wants is not reached, and Tonkachi and Marianne have been searching for mass production in the form of maintaining their original goodness. Under such circumstances, I met an ideal partner called Seto ware workshop in Aichi Prefecture, and after six years of trial and error, I finally achieved mass production of major works.

About "original"


Put it, cut out, assemble, and bake. Marianne itself has finished all processes in the "original" as if making large sweets. Her "as it is" is on the hand -painted lines (Marianne Blue), which is the ultra -thin thickness unique to handmade.

About "Japan"


Marianne made in Japan was realized by the pottery of Aichi Prefecture, which continued since the Taisho era. While protecting the traditional "Seto ware" semi -porcelain manufacturing method, the Japanese partner struggled and finally released Seto Yaki of "Japan". It is another "as it is" born in Japan.

Various "as it is"


Check out roses, floral patterns, dogs, etc. Beautiful, neat, and pop and strange! Why don't you immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Marianne Harberg?

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