【Regarding delivery】

Q. I want to specify and change the delivery date.
A. I'm sorry, but we don't accept the delivery date and time. Regarding the change of the delivery date and time, please contact the delivery company yourself based on the "inquiry number" listed in the shipping completion email.

Q. I was notified of the completion of the shipping, but I would like to change the destination. Will you be in time now?
A. The delivery destination cannot be changed for products that have been completed. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact the delivery company yourself based on the "inquiry number" listed in the shipping completion email.

Q. If the destination is different from the orderer's address, what happens to the delivery note?
A. If the address of the delivery destination and the orderer are different, the delivery note is not included. If you need a delivery note separately, please contact the email address below. staff@tonkachi.co.jp

Q. The product that arrived was damaged, what should I do?
A. The quality has been thorough, but in the unlikely event that there is a damage or defect, ・ The order number and the name of the customer ・ The status of the product is shown ・ The contents of the damage of the product are stuff@tonkachi. Please send it to co.jp. * Please contact us within one week after the product arrives. Please note that if one week after the arrival of the product, we will not be able to accept returns and exchanges.

Q. I was not able to receive the product and was returned.
A. What is returned after the delivery deadline of the delivery company is automatically canceled.
* If you are absent or refused to receive due to customer reasons, you may not be able to accept future orders, so please be sure to receive the product.
* If you cannot stop, please contact the following e -mail address within the storage deadline. staff@tonkachi.co.jp

【About your order】

Q. The order completion email after ordering and the shipping completion email will not be sent.
A. As a countermeasure against spam of dumb, au, and SoftBank, if the initial setting is set to "reject emails from PCs", or if the mail send source is limited (domain specified reception, etc.). , It may not be reached to the other party because it is judged as a PC mail.
Please set the reception of staff@tonkachi.co.jp.

Q. After ordering, I ordered another product. Can you ship it all together?
A. I'm sorry, but we can't bundle different orders on our system.

Q. Is it possible to change the quantity after ordering or change the content?
A. I'm sorry, but on our system, we cannot change the quantity and content after ordering.

Q. Is it possible to ship regular and reserved products collectively?
A. I'm sorry, but we can't send it together between regular and reserved products.

Q. Can I order over the phone?
A. We accept orders by phone only for products that are in stock at directly managed stores.
[Tonkachi, 6]
Phone number: 03-5428-5162
Business hours: 12 to 19:00 (irregular holidays)
* Payment method is only cash on delivery.
* Separate charges will be charged 550 yen (including tax).

Q. Can I issue a receipt?
A. Please fill out the receipt issuance in the transmission message column when ordering.

Q. I will not proceed next from the order screen.
A. If you can not proceed from the order screen, please try the following method.
① If you can no longer proceed to the next screen, click reload on that screen (the upper right arrow for a smartphone).
② Click "Send" when you say "Do you really send this form?"
③ After returning to the original screen, select the relevant part and click the "Next" button again.
If the above method is not solved, please update your browser to the latest one and try again.

Q. I want to return it.
A. Please note that we do not accept returns for customer's convenience.
* Return items Please be sure to return using tracking services such as courier flights and Yu -packs to prevent trouble.
* We are not responsible for any problems such as damage or loss during return, so please refrain from using ordinary mail and mail service.

[About member registration information]

Q. I want to change the member registration information.
A. Member registration information can be changed from My Page.
* Since it does not support smartphones, please change from a personal computer.

Q. I want to cancel the member registration/mailing list registration.
A. Please contact us from this link.
We will cancel the membership registration.

[About wrapping]

Q. I would like to send it to a celebration item, can you ask for a arrangement of a bonito?
A. We do not accept services of bonito.

Q. Is there a free wrapping service?
A. We do not accept free wrapping services. If you wish to wrap it, please purchase a paid wrapping (550 yen including tax).
* You cannot purchase by wrapping alone.

Q. Is it possible not to put in the price because it's for gifts?
A. If wrapping is purchased and the destination is different from the orderer, we will deliver it without including the price.
* Some products, such as books, will remain as they are.

[About overseas shipping]

Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. We also support overseas shipping. Shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service). However, in the case of overseas shipping, the shipping cost of international flights is added.

[Purchase flow]
① Purchase in the same procedure as in domestic delivery
* Fill in the overseas address in the shipping address
* Payment method is only credit card
② After calculating the weight of the product, we will contact you for additional shipping.
* On the system, we pay a 715 yen shipping fee when ordering, so we will add an additional amount of 715 yen from the postage of international flights.
③ Please check the shipping fee and reply
④ We will arrange delivery
* Depending on the country to be delivered, tariffs may be charged when the product arrives. Please note that all costs for such customs procedures will be borne by the customer.
In addition, the customs clearance procedure varies depending on the destination, so please ask the customs that jurisdiction over your area for details.