Marianne is born twice.

In October 2020, Marianne was born in Japan. Her main works have finally started in Japan! As a result, the affordable Marianne is popular among Japanese people! Everyone experienced her mysterious world, and since then she has been happy for a long time. Such a future has begun!

Marianne's 5 major works,
Released at the Seto ware collaboration.

Marianne's work is a collection of elements unique to handmade, such as hand -painted lines, ultra -thin molding and distortion. Therefore, it was said that mass production was difficult. However, due to the fact that the writer's handmade is a small number, there is a problem that the number of people wants is not reached, and Tonkachi and Marianne have been searching for mass production in the form of maintaining their original goodness. Under such circumstances, I met an ideal partner called Seto ware workshop in Aichi Prefecture, and after six years of trial and error, I finally achieved mass production of major works.

About Seto ware

Traditional "Seto ware", which produces Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, has long been used in people's lives and has been incorporated into various vessels and pottery. As it has been exported abroad, it is widely known as a typical traditional crafts that send the appeal of "MADE IN JAPAN" to the world. It is a versatile pottery that can chew any style and blend into the intention of the creator because it can incorporate many techniques and patterns from simple folk crafts to expensive and difficult dyes. Regardless of Japanese tableware or Western tableware, the design is swallowed in any form and finished in a friendly pottery. Marianne's partner in Japan is one of the potters that represents Seto -yaki, which has continued since the Taisho era.

Representative work, perfume bottle kabin

One of the representative works of Marianne, the perfume bottle. The perfume that she liked suddenly ended the sale, and it was made by making it a kick. It is a masterpiece with Marianne -like behavior, which always starts from casual reality and jumps to the fantasy area. The name of the Seto -yaki version is "Kabin of perfume bottle (SETO)".

Water bottle kabin

As the name suggests, "Water's bottle kabin". The bottle with water in reality is not surprising, but once it is drawn on the Marianne Blue line, it quickly enters an unrealistic world. The water is empty, the bottle is transparent, and the presence is increased at the last minute that disappears into the world. Marianne's aim is all in that place. In that sense, a work that expresses her spirituality. The Seto -yaki version is "Water's bottle kabin (SETO)".

The smaller dog kabin

"Dog Kabin" was smaller than the original and made it a puppy. This dog has a real model. The name is Morgan. It seems that it was an acquaintance's dog, not Marianne's dog. We don't do anything because we don't talk much, no matter how many times she asks for why she decided to make the dog. Morgan who doesn't know anything, doesn't know anything. Seto -yaki version is "Dog Kabin (SETO)".

Mesh and check cup

Two masterpiece cups of Marianne who likes to check. The larger eye is called "check" and the finer one is called "mesh". At all, Marianne, who is working hard on an unrelenting pattern, comes to mind. This is a strict world full of regular discipline in her. Elegant and spiritual. The world beyond computers and mathematics. Seto -yaki version is "Mesh Cup (SETO)" and "Check Cup (SETO)".

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