Marianne of words

"Words" are important motifs for Marianne Harberg, a Swedish ceramic artist. The words she choose are a bit strange and quite strange. But behind it, her unique positive is hidden. "People need small words. To convince themselves and protect themselves from the world," she says. Another question of her, who has always asked who. From the new handkerchief, "Handkerchiefs in the wind," to the latest work exhibition, we focused on "word plates" and selected them.

Handkerchief of words

"Handkerchief that curtains sway in the wind"

A new work has been created in the "Handkerchief of the Word" series, which was made by selecting several words from many works made by Marianne Harberg as a motif.
A limited quantity handkerchief that is embroidered with a light linen fabric that flies in the wind with a Marianne Blue thread.

The curtain is shaken by the wind
The lily wind smells of spring
This winter is over
I wonder if there is

More, handkerchiefs of words

It is Marianne's "Handkerchief of words" series. Please carry it as a message today.

Flower Power
"Flower power"

DET äR BARA att börja
"Just start"

Allt äR en illusion
"Everything is illusion"

"Who are you?"

Word plate

Marianne has used the words that he inspired at that time as a plate of pottery. Please be fascinated by her unique language sensation with messages, impressions, ideas, discoveries, convictions, and suggestions.

Word T -shirts

Marianne T, released as an original artist T -shirt of Tonkachi. Her T -shirt, which has been the opening of the tonkachi gallery "No Kogiri" introduced earlier, mixes the work so far and reproduces the atmosphere of the exhibition venue with five designs.

Marianne hallberg